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planetary concrete mixer used for the production of precast concrete components

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/13
The production process of precast concrete components is demanding, and high-standard manufacturing also requires the use of high-level equipment. The high indicators of prefabricated buildings in terms of strength, appearance, and quality require that the prefabricated parts must be strictly carried out in accordance with the industry level from material preparation to molding and maintenance during the production process. For example: during the preparation of raw materials, the uniformity of the concrete slurry is required to be high, and various additives need to be evenly dispersed into the slurry. There are certain differences in this standard for different components, and the processes of the manufacturers are different, and the use of machinery is more This gap will be widened, so the use of a high-level mixing system is more conducive to the high standard of precast component production.
planetary concrete mixer
Vertical shaft mixer is also a rare mixing machine in the industry that can produce high-level prefabricated components. The high mixing uniformity of the vertical shaft mixer is very suitable for the mixing requirements required for the production of preforms, and its own structural design style is also suitable for various preform production lines. The vertical shaft planetary mixer can discharge at the bottom of a single machine, or can supply multiple production lines with one machine. The vertical shaft mixer has a low failure rate. Generally speaking, the vertical shaft mixer does not have any problems such as shaft holding, sticking, leakage, and dead corners.

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