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planetary concrete mixer used in the production of PC imitation stone bricks and artificial marble

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/05
Whether it is imitation stone brick or artificial marble, the production of these materials has certain requirements for color processing. Imitation stone bricks imitate the patterns of natural samples, and have certain requirements for color, texture and shape: the production of artificial marble also requires precise control of the color and appearance, such as various accelerators, color pastes, fillers, etc. Direct impact.
1. The vertical shaft planetary mixer can provide reliable mixing control for the production of imitation stone bricks and artificial marble. No matter what production process is adopted, the reliability of raw material production can be guaranteed, and the later brick and stone production process can be carried out well.
2. For the processing of texture and color, the vertical shaft planetary mixer is more accurate. Mixed pigments can be used at will, which is convenient to produce masonry with different textures and colors. The stirring speed is fast, the stirring is even, and the raw materials are delicate.
planetary concrete mixer

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