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CONELE refractory mixer can overcome various problems in the refractory mixing process

Autior : conele Time : 2018/10/17
CONELE refractory mixers are available in a wide range of models to accommodate a wide range of refractory materials. The CONELE refractory mixer can overcome various problems in the refractory mixing process and has the following advantages:
1、The refractory mixer uses a scientifically designed mixing technique that blends for optimum dispersion and uniformity;
2、The structure of the refractory mixer equipment is not complicated, the overall design is compact, and the operation is safe and reliable;
3、The reasonable agitating structure design of the mixer makes the mixing more fully, and the unloading scraper is installed to make the discharging quick and clean and easy to clean;
4、Superior control system, precise operation, high work efficiency and low power consumption;
5、Special mixing tools are designed to meet the uniform mixing of different materials. The whole equipment has been treated with wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The related components are strong and durable, and the overall failure rate of the equipment is low and easy to maintain;
6、The refractory material mixing machine has good sealing performance and effectively prevents the mixture from being polluted by the environment.
Refractory mixer purchase advice
Although there are more and more manufacturers of refractory mixing and mixing machinery, and the whole industry market is competitive and motivating, it is not easy for users to choose. In the face of a dazzling array of refractory mixers, users will definitely search online before making a purchase - shop around. So what criteria should we have during this period?
Regular refractory mixer manufacturers are sure to be able to find specific information such as manufacturer registration information, credit, business license and unified organization code on the Internet.
It is best to be able to inspect the manufacturer's equipment on site, or visit the manufacturer's equipment case to test the actual use of the equipment.