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Horizontal shaft concrete mixer and twin-shaft concrete mixer different

Autior : conele Time : 2018/10/24
Both the single-shaft mixer and the twin-shaft mixer are forced concrete mixers. The main difference between the two is the difference in the mixing shaft. The following CO-NELE manufacturers will give a detailed introduction to the users.
Double horizontal shaft mixer
CHS1500 Double horizontal shaft mixer
1. Double horizontal shaft mixer
The agitating process of the twin-shaft mixer not only occurs in the radial direction but also in the axial direction. The main mixing zone is located in the circumferential direction of the agitating body, and the energy value in this direction is large during the entire agitation process, so that the agitation space can be fully utilized, so that the aggregate, the cement and the water are at a low peripheral speed of the agitating blade. A uniform mixing mode is achieved in a short period of time to achieve a good mixing effect.
Since the concrete is basically piled up near the discharge door when the twin-shaft mixer is completed, the discharge takes a short time. The discharge door controlled by the electrical device can be adjusted in opening degree, and the discharge door will not be caught when it is closed. During the unloading process, the blades rotate at a low speed, which is beneficial to remove the concrete remaining in the mixing drum, which can effectively avoid the parabolic phenomenon when the disc machine is unloaded.
single horizontal shaft mixer
2, single horizontal shaft mixer
The mixing principle of the single-shaft mixer and the self-dropping mixer is basically similar. The rotation of the stirring shaft (blade) is to raise the concrete to a certain height, and then let it fall freely to complete a stirring process. Therefore, when the single-shaft mixer is used, the effective working volume is smaller than the theoretical design volume, and the overall height is much larger than that of the twin-shaft mixer. When producing RCC, the actual production efficiency of the single-shaft mixer is lower than the rated production efficiency. .
Co-nele is a professional concrete mixer manufacturer. Whether it is a single horizontal shaft mixing your anger mixer or a double-shaft concrete mixer, the quality is guaranteed.