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Refractory brick automatic production line castable mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2018/10/20
The refractory brick automatic production line is a national patent product developed and produced by CO-NELE after years of technical experience and combined with the production process of refractory bricks. It can realize the automatic unloading of automatic weighing fabric, automatic forming and automatic brick laying process. The operation is completely different from the traditional volumetric fabric system, and the fabric has high precision. One-to-one automation solutions can be provided according to the customer's site conditions to achieve seamless docking, reducing production costs and improving product quality for customers.
refractory brick mixer
1 Automatic batching system
The automatic batching system is suitable for the automatic control of batching, unshaped refractory materials and other industries. It is suitable for continuous metering of materials and batching in the production process. The use of the system can effectively improve the accuracy of the ingredients, improve the quality of the products, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve work efficiency, and improve the working environment.
2 automatic mixing system
The high-efficiency and powerful mixer is suitable for the mixing of styling materials and amorphous materials of various refractories, with short mixing time and high efficiency. It is a combination of various refractory products, castables, lightweight refractory materials, foam materials, refractory mud, gun mud, and prefabricated parts, which are combined with water, resin and tar pitch.
intensive mixer
3 automatic cloth system
The system provides automatic weighing and automatic cloth, which provides a seamless connection for the current intelligent industrial plant, reduces labor, reduces labor intensity, and can realize daily reports of brick type, single weight, daily output, monthly output and annual output. Provide detailed data reports for enterprise big data management, and more convenient for enterprise efficient, refined management and big data analysis services.
4 automatic molding system
Fully simulate manual operation, digitally set the striking strength, you can achieve first light pressure, then re-play, eliminate air and improve product quality. The process parameters of the same batch of bricks are consistent, which ensures the product bulk density and dimensional consistency, and the qualification rate is greatly improved.
5 automatic detection system
It is connected with the press and manipulator to form a set of refractory products automatic detection palletizing system: conveying edging and weight detection. Dimensional inspection, parallelism detection, ultrasonic flaw detection, automatic coding, automatic palletizing.
6 automatic palletizing system
The robot picks up the bricks efficiently and accurately, the price is low, the maintenance is simple, and the user is easy to receive. (can be customized according to product size, weight and production site conditions)
Homogeneous material automatic production line
Homogeneous material production line advantages
Realize electronic weighing, automatic cloth insertion, automatic forming, automatic automatic brick-out process; one machine and one model, can also be multi-mode, continuous production, one person code brick, safe and efficient; the series has weighing High precision, accurate feeding, sensitive and reliable operation, convenient use and maintenance, high production efficiency and high degree of automation are ideal equipment for shaping products.