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Refractory Mixer Selection Advice

Autior : conele Time : 2018/11/28
    In order to buy a high-quality refractory mixer, we need to have certain skills, in order to help us avoid misunderstandings, and buy a high-quality refractory mixer to improve production and construction quality and ensure production efficiency.
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Important points for choosing refractory mixer
1.refractory mixer equipment quality is what we buy equipment, good equipment use is the purpose of our purchase of the equipment. How to judge the equipment quality of refractory mixer? The performance of the refractory mixer equipment is affected by the configuration of the equipment. There are various choices in the design of the refractory mixer. We recommend the refractory mixer driven by a single motor. This type of mixer can guarantee the consumption of all the agitating planets. Can release the average, there will be no difference, and the consistency of the mixing quality is guaranteed. Refractory mixer transmission is gear type, the more the precision transmission effect is more stable, the mixing precision will be very high, but there are certain requirements for production technology, so we need to compare the products of different manufacturers and choose a reliable refractory mixer.
2. refractory mixer how to choose a variety of accessories, which is also related to the performance of the mixer equipment. The use of various configurations of planetary vertical shaft mixers is determined by the industry direction of the equipment user. If the refractory mixer is used for the agitation of the ceramic industry, the ceramic liner can be selected for the processing of the liner liner. If the mixture is corrosive, the mixer stirrer and liner can be used. Corrosion resistant material. The good choice of accessories is conducive to the performance of the mixer, which is more conducive to the extension of the service life of the mixer.
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3. This last point is also a more important point we often say - buy refractory mixer to see the price or see the manufacturer? The selection of refractory mixer equipment should pay more attention to the quality and reliability of the equipment, which is based on the manufacturer. If the production capacity of the refractory mixer manufacturer is strong, then the equipment technology contained in the planetary vertical shaft mixer will be mature and the relevant production experience will be able to ensure the quality and performance of the mixer. More important and reliable refractory mixer manufacturers have reliability in the maintenance and repair of equipment in the future, replacement of consumable parts, etc. The mixer equipment has no worries from use to equipment elimination.