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A More Efficient Mixer - CMPS Series Planetary Concrete Mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2019/01/10
A more efficient mixer - CMPS series planetary concrete mixer
    CMPS series planetary concrete mixer is manufactured by our company on the basis of ordinary planetary concrete mixer technology. CMPS planetary concrete mixer has a unique and reasonable structure similar to ordinary planetary concrete mixer. The mixing amount is large and the mixing uniformity is more advantageous. Stirring is faster.
    For the requirements of individual production processes, the CMPS planetary concrete mixer is specially designed with a speed reduction mechanism. The agitator is equipped with a super-power variable frequency motor, and the working speed of the CMPS planetary concrete mixer can be increased to a more reasonable speed.
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CMPS planetary concrete mixer Features:
    The CMPS planetary concrete mixer works very well by controlling the stirring speed. The planetary high-speed auxiliary flying knife device can perform high-speed and uniform mixing of materials with different specific gravity and different colors, and assist the flying blade to perform special wear-resisting treatment to improve production efficiency. The high-precision metering system overcomes the influence of the mixing ratio change on the quality of the mixing material and ensures the quality stability of the product. CMPS planetary concrete mixer Special mixing blades and liners increase the service life of the parts and extend the maintenance cycle.