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Sale Of Reliable And Stable Planetary Mortar Mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2019/01/15
Sale of reliable and stable planetary mortar mixer
Planetary mortar mixer CO-NELE Vertical shaft planetary type has high working capacity and is highly adaptable for mortar mixing production, especially in various fiber mortar mixing.
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CO-NELE planetary mortar mixer Features
(1) planetary mortar mixer Strong stirring movement, short mixing period and high efficiency.
(2) planetary mortar mixer There is no direct contact between the mortar and the transmission part, there is no problem of wear and sealing of the spindle end, and the problem of slurry leakage is completely solved.
(3) planetary mortar mixer Multi-speed transmission system configuration (configuration changes are only adjusted inside the reducer, the shape interface size is the same), to deal with most different materials, different working conditions.
(4) planetary mortar mixer The discharge position is flexible, and it can be equipped with multiple discharge doors; the discharge speed is fast, avoiding sticking and accumulating materials.
(5) planetary mortar mixer The motor and reducer are top-mounted, easy to maintain, maintain and clean.